Homemade Pastries.


We absolutely love this place! We've tried everything from the bierock, the chicken apple gouda sausage and the breakfast croissants to their sweeter creations and each and every bite has been outstanding. They make the best eclairs I've ever tasted! I can't say enough good things, thank you ladies!

We went into this wonderful little bakery the first time for breakfast and left with breakfast, lunch and dessert. It's almost too difficult to pick between a sweet, flaky, buttery, croissant or one that is meaty, savory, and cheesy. The blueberry cheese danish is incredible, as is the cold pressed coffee.

So pleased every time I go in and see these girls! I've probably tried everything in there and have not been disappointed once! These apple Brie roses are incredible! They also use mostly organic ingredients, and you can definitely taste the quality! A must try!

Esperance is everything a bakery should be. The staff takes the time to go over everything on their menu, their customer service is excellent. I had a smore, and the crust was so light, and flaky. It was fantastic. One of the customers in front of me described the croissants as "a taste of France". I can't disagree with that opinion.