Review: Esperance bakery full of hope for downtown Jenks

Here is a review from Tulsa World’s Scott Cherry:

I couldn’t decide which to eat first, the apple-Brie rose or the pear with ginger-caramel sauce. I almost hated to cut into either, they were both so visually appealing, but duty called.

These delicate goodies came from Esperance, a new bakery near downtown Jenks.

Though not technically a tart, apple rose pastries often are called apple rose tarts. They are made with thin slices of apples wrapped in a pie crust or puff pastry, often sprinkled with flavorings such as cinnamon and sugar, and baked.

They come out looking like a rose and almost too pretty to eat. This one also had a filling of Brie cheese, and it was delicious.

The pear item was more like a Danish with the flaky pastry molded into the shape of a pear and topped with a flavorful but not too sweet ginger-caramel-pear sauce.

Esperance in French translates to “hope,” and the bubbly owner of the 4-month-old bakery is Hope Alexander.

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